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A bit of Patchwork- stylee!

Updated: Feb 15

One of my creative students has started to make a patchwork design for a cushion cover.

So, I thought I'd have a go too!

Takes me back to my needlework classes at school...

Patchwork can be created using offcuts, recycled, up-cycled fabrics you may have at home or buy as bulk squares via online or local haberdashery shops. Your design can be vibrantly colourful or one fabric type in the same colour; similar to my choice of blue denim.

Your patchwork shapes could be of circles, diamonds, polygons, hexagons, octagons, pentagons, shells, squares, rectangles, many to choose from. Combinations of various shapes or just one or even two!

When I'm finished, I'll share my cushion cover design and my student's, (with their consent) in a later blog. Watch this space...

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