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Mend and go!

I am now working on a project to repair a vintage ceremonial cloak for a church in West London. It is a real honour and challenge, because the garment is very old and delicate.

So, here are some images of the repair work that I have been commissioned to carry out.

I have added some general points on how to make a start....

1. Starting off by creating a row of stitching on either side of the tear and ending off by tying the end of the thread with a small knot, at the back of the fabric. Cut the thread close to the knot.

2. Re-thread (about double the length of the fabric tear) your needle and create a knot at the end of your thread.

3. Create a continuous stitch by weaving in and out of the opposite row of stitches with a matching thread.

4. Complete the stitching with your needle at the back of the fabric.

Gently pull the end thread, to join both sides of the fabric tear together and watch how the tear now seems to disappear.

5. Tie off (with a little knot) at the back of the fabric.

There is so much more I can teach you and I am looking forward to running a zoom session on mending soon and then in my sewing community club some time in the near future. 🧵

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